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Activated on 05/13/00

Welcome to
Death by Gundam.
This site is dedicated to the anime Gundam Wing.

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Tuesday - February 7, 2006  

Sledge - Contact Us

Our Contact Us page has been updated with more detailed information.


Wednesday - April 13, 2005  

Sledge - Active Topics & Updated Links

I added the latest Gundam forum replies to the left menu. Find a topic that interests you and add your 2 cents. ^_~

The links page has been updated. This also includes the "Link to us" button code. If you use our button code to link to Death by Gundam, please update it to ensure the image loads properly on your site.


Saturday - January 22, 2005  

Ladywriter - New Humor!

Look in the humor section for a Nair commercial featuring none other than Dorothy Catalonia! ^_^


Sunday - December 12, 2004  

Sledge - Random Images

I added random images to the left navigation. ^_^


Friday - November 26, 2004  

Sledge - Gallery Update 2!

The Mecha gallery is up! And I'm going to hold off on the Endless Waltz gallery as the pictures were of low quality. As it is now, the gallery migration is finally complete! ^__^

Now I just have to get all those old contest fanfics up and I think we'll finally be caught up for a while. O_O (But don't expect these right away, our other sites need updates too. :p)


Thursday - November 25, 2004  

Sledge - Gallery update!

The Fan Art (Including a new fan art) and Animated Gif galleries are up! Enjoy!


Sunday - October 17, 2004  

Sledge - Fan Fics updated!

The new Fan Fic program is finally up! And there is a new fan fic called "Five Years Apart" available! ^_^


Wednesday - October 13, 2004  

Ladywriter - Gallery updates

I moved the other Gundam Pilot's gallerys and started a series gallery. Take a look.